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La Frecuencia's Story

Our Philosophy

La Frequencia

Co-founders & Directors

Mario Alberto Ramirez & Irving Eduardo Maldonado

Our co-founders and directors, Mario and Irving, are passionate about using dance to express their queer, Indigenous, migrant perspectives and connect with audiences. With years of experience in the dance world, they bring a wealth of knowledge and talent to La Frecuencia Dance Collective. Mario and Irving are committed to building a community of dancers and artists who share their values and vision for the future of dance.

Ballet Instructors

Oliver Ramsell


Our administrator plays a crucial role in keeping La Frecuencia Dance Collective running smoothly. They handle everything from scheduling to finances, ensuring that our dancers and instructors have everything they need to succeed. With their attention to detail and organizational skills, our administrator is an integral part of our team.

Dede Wilson

Contemporary Dance Instructor

Dede is a talented contemporary dancer who brings her unique style and perspective to La Frecuencia Dance Collective. With years of experience performing and teaching around the world, she is an invaluable member of our team. Dede's classes are fun, challenging, and inspiring, and she is always pushing our dancers to reach new heights.

Chris Jones

Hip-Hop Dance Instructor

Chris is a dynamic and energetic hip-hop dancer who is passionate about sharing his love of dance with others. His high-energy classes are always a hit with our dancers, and he brings a fresh perspective to our collective. With his talent and enthusiasm, Chris is an important part of La Frecuencia Dance Collective's mission to build kinship through dance.

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