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La Frecuencia's Recent Activity

La Frecuencia recently finished teaching and designing a Curriculum for a program called Aztech Kidz Code. 

Here Black and Brown youth are provided the opportunity to learn to code, make video games, and through Indigenous epistemologies.

Here we were able to teach La Danza De Los Viejitos and Danza Mexica along with this history of the diaspora.

Through the integration of technology, we were able to share with youth the intersections of Science, Math, and Technology with Dance and art-making as an embodiment rather than a regurgitation of information.

We learned about the engineering, math, and philosophy behind the Xiuhpohualli, AKA the Aztec Calendar, to use as inspiration for their regalia and instruments. 

The youth successfully presented their dances, regalia, and their creativity to their parents during their graduation at the end of their session.

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